PlANTS and Ecosystems


We belong to the research group

Northern Populations and Ecosystems,

Department of Arctic and Marine Biology,

Arctic University of Norway - UiT

and the scientific network AMINOR

Kari Anne Bråthen

We are a group of ecologists that study the role of plants in terrestrial ecosystems. We have our focus at northern latitudes, in areas where the boreal, alpine and arctic biomes meet. We typically use large-scale study designs in order for our research to be context independent, and we typically study the role of plants through plant-plant and plant-herbivore interactions. Our interests and approaches are manifold.

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Virve Ravolainen

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Eeva Soininen

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Maria Tuomi

Forbs and not grasses were the dominating growth form in the pre-historic Tundra steppe and were important food plants to the megafauna.
This evidence is now published in Nature.
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